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Hijab Meaning

Hijab Meaning

Hijab is an Arabic word which in its simplest form, means barrier

However, In Islam, it has a much broader meaning. While the most visual form of hijab is the head covering, modest dressing and behaving appropriately goes hand in hand – And is applicable to both, males and females.

Muslim women are required to wear the hijab whenever they are in public or around men who could be potential suitors which means, they do not have to observe the hijab at home when they are around their father, brothers, spouse or grandparents. They also do not need to wear the hijab around other women or younger children.

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At its core, hijab embodies modesty - which means, wearing a loose set of clothing to prevent showing the figure.

To me personally,

Hijab means confidence.

Being able to wear it all day in public and when needed, in an environment that does not necessarily accept it, shows confidence in oneself and in the religion.

Hijab means dedication.

Yes, it would have been so much easier if we did not have to wear it but dedicating myself to wear it for God and abiding by the principle behind it, is what makes hijab something so powerful and meaningful.

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Hijab means being strong.

Living in the West & observing Hijab can be difficult especially because of the minimal modest clothing options, or being the target in the news. Standing by my beliefs on the hijab, shows the strength and love for Islam and God. Like I mentioned before, removing/choosing not to wear it, is an easier option, but choosing to stand by it, makes me a stronger individual.

Hijab means love.

Love for my God, love for my religion

Hijab means being stylish.

With the lack of modest fashion in the West, it has forced me to think outside the box and instead of giving up, I put together different outfits and try to work with what I have and that results in me being creative and stylish when it comes to putting together outfits. Moreover, now there are halal nail polishes out there, I even have an option of painting my nails and rocking my look even better! 786 Cosmetics has some of my favorite colors. You can view them here   

Hijab means elegance and class.

Modesty has always been associated with elegance & class. Evident throughout history including in mainstream media where we see beautiful gowns, hats etc. being worn as a sign of class and elegance. And that is exactly what Islam teaches its women. To dress modestly, with class and elegance.


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