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5 Vegan Beauty Benefits: Revealed

5 Vegan Beauty Benefits: Revealed

There are many beauty products that you can choose from, but how do you know which one is the best for you? New products flood the market all the time and it can be confusing to navigate the various concerns and benefits. The good news is that vegan products will almost always be better for you and promote a healthier lifestyle. Interested in the benefits of vegan beauty products? Keep reading to discover five ways vegan beauty products can improve your life and health.    

Look Better

Can vegan and natural beauty products really make you look better than their more common counterparts? Absolutely. Take a look at what makeup artist, Sandy Taylor had to say about how vegan products work on your skin: “Vegan products simply work and don’t trigger any symptoms. Others who have transitioned into vegan products noticed that their skin looked more healthy than before. This may be due to vegan products being natural and nutrient-rich,” Vegan products are great for you because it is unlikely that they contain harsh ingredients that you are sensitive to. In addition, they contain nutrients, not just things meant to make you look pretty or cover a flaw. You can enhance your look and take care of your body at the same time with vegan products, it’s a win-win!  

Skip Toxins

Most makeup and beauty products include toxic chemicals and ingredients that aren’t ideal for use on the body. It is easy to be fooled by words like “natural and “organic” on beauty product packaging. There are no regulations placed on those words within the industry. Any company can use these terms, and they do. Vegan beauty products usually skip commonly used toxic substances that you should avoid. Of course, every company is different so no matter what the packaging says, you should always check the ingredients yourself. Generally, vegan products will be less harmful.  

Lessen Damage

All those toxins in most beauty products may not cause visible damage right away, but their harsh formulas damage your skin and body long term. This is because our skin absorbs what we use on it. According to dermatologist Ijaz Ahmed, “The chemicals can seep into your bloodstream via skin absorption. From there, they can enter the bloodstream and ultimately, damage your internal organs over time” You may not see your body reject these products right away. Yet, the harm that these chemicals do on your body will likely appear over time. These effects can range from simple things like wrinkling to organ failure and cancer. Why take the risk and expose yourself to any of these issues? High quality, vegan beauty products can reduce these concerns.

Avoid side effects

Beyond toxicity and damage, many beauty products cause side effects that are uncomfortable. Products filled with chemicals can cause irritation, breakouts, dullness in the skin or nails and more. While it is possible to see some side effects with vegan products, it is a lot less likely, because the ingredients are natural and good for you!    

More for your money

Vegan products are often more effective than other beauty products, in large part because the ingredients are better for you. What does this mean? It means that you don’t need to have a closet full of different beauty products in your bathroom. While some vegan products are more expensive up front, you’ll find that the formulas are able to solve many of your beauty problems, not just one. For this reason, the handful of vegan products you buy will serve you better than the plethora of bottles you may be holding on to right now.  

Bottom Line

The beauty products we use each day have an impact on our health and appearance, both inside and out. It can be challenging to find products that do more good than harm as we search in-store or online. One thing you can know with confidence is that vegan beauty products are better for you now and better for you long-term as well. Looking for a place to start? 786 Cosmetics has a gorgeous line of vegan and free of chemicals. Click here to start shopping. Want to learn more about beauty products? Check out our blog.  
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