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Where Should You Keep Your Makeup?

Where Should You Keep Your Makeup?

Where do you keep your makeup? Recently, we posted an article about how often you should replace beauty products. However, the times mentioned in that article can change drastically based on how you are storing your products. If you are storing or using beauty products incorrectly, you may be making the product lifespan shorter. Additionally, you may actually be causing the product to lose quality more quickly. Want to find out how to make your beauty products stand the test of time? Keep reading for five tips on how to get the most out of your makeup and beauty products.  

Make it dark

UV light can have a harsh effect on some formulas. Products with sensitive active ingredients or SPF can be especially sensitive to light. Fragrances can also be affected, according to Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi “Sunlight is ultraviolet radiation—many of the molecules used in perfumery can react with UV radiation and chemically change to something less pleasant to smell. This causes some of the more volatile components in perfumes to break down.”   To avoid this, store your products in an area that has little or no access to light. For example, instead of leaving your makeup on the bathroom counter, tuck it away inside a drawer or the medicine cabinet.

Stay dry

Many people store their beauty products in the bathroom. The problem with this is that the humidity and moisture from the shower compromise the product. Your best bet is to keep your makeup out of the bathroom entirely, but if you must store it there, you can still keep some humidity out. Keep your makeup in a case or bag with a zipper. This way, there is an extra barrier between your products and the moisture in the air.  

Keep it cool (but not too cool)

While not every product needs to be stored in a cool place, this can make some of your beauty staples last longer. Specifically, lipstick, eyeliner, and products that contain SPF will do better in the refrigerator. Additionally, you should make sure that you don’t store any products in environments that are too cold. Freezing the product is not much better than leaving it in the blazing sun.  

Hands off

Applying makeup with your fingers may be convenient in a rush but it can lead to trouble, fast. When possible, use clean brushes to apply products like eyeshadow and blush. For example, here’s what happens when applying blush: “The natural oils from your within your skin carry bacteria to the skin’s surface to be cleaned away, but some of that oil stays behind. So, when you use your brush on your blush, apply to one cheek, then “double-dip” the same brush to do the other cheek, those oils (and their bacteria) are transferred onto the blush.” Using a clean brush on these products will help you avoid creating a bacteria breeding ground and help you keep your face and products germ-free.  

Close them right

Letting extra air into products like tubes of mascara or bottles of nail polish will ruin the formulas. It will make it much more difficult for you to get the product out of its container. Even more troubling though, if you do manage to get some of the product out after leaving it open, it likely will not be usable. You’ll find a product like a nail polish to be dried out, thin, and difficult to apply.

Bottom Line

Are you thinking about re-organizing your beauty products? Though it may take a bit of extra effort, storing your beauty products the right way will make them last longer. Additionally, they will also be more effective because none of the ingredients will become compromised.  In need of some high-quality nail polishes for your collection? Click here to check out products from 786 Cosmetics. These nail-polishes are halal and contain no harsh chemicals. They’d make the perfect addition to your beauty product collection!  
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