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Boost Your Motivation for a Healthy Lifestyle!

Boost Your Motivation for a Healthy Lifestyle!

How do you get motivated to make changes into your lifestyle that will actually last? Are you also struggling to progress and reach your fitness goals? Continue to read how you with small actions actually can boost your motivation for a healthy lifestyle! First of all, you need to be certain that you want to make a change in your life. Often this happens when you have the feeling “OK, this is enough”. Which can be a positive thing, because you really feel that you live differently and that you don’t want to continue the in the same way. When you accepted the way it currently is, and that you’re determine to start to live differently, you have already taken a big step. Well done! This often gives you kind of relief and satisfaction already. So far all good, right? Then you just need to ensure an extra time, why you want to level up your lifestyle. What is your true inner desire and “why”? Ideally, it’s something important and valuable. Not only “I have to lose weight, because it feels like people are looking at me when I’m out”. But if you instead have a reason that really matters to you, I’m sure you’ll succeed faster, and most importantly of all: you will be happier working on this goal. For me as a new mum, after the C-section I had, the training I did was crucial in order to rehab my body to be able to walk, lift and run again! Or simply function properly in everyday life. I also wanted to run a half-marathon again for example. Focus on the goals and reasons that are really important to you. Linked to having a reason to do what you do, it’s valuable to have clearly defined goals. But also realistic expectations…! I don’t know about you exactly, but it’s very common, and I’m of them myself that love to achieve and almost always don’t think I did good enough…! Hmmm… “Miss Perfect Syndrome” is what I call this. Can you relate? Set simple goals that are manageable and goals that you will love working on every day. Because, a healthy lifestyle is a process and something you need to work on-, and nourish, every day, just like you need to nourish yourself.

Focus on Progress, Not Perfection.

Imagine a weight loss of 25 kilos, or another big goal. Not always does that perhaps feel super exciting, but rather scary and the question might occur “how will I get there?”. That’s where it’s great to set realistic expectations or take help of a coach to get help to move over that gap or that cliff. Thinking about the Miss Perfect again, and what I just mentioned above, it’s helpful to track your progress; both weekly and daily. But also acknowledge it! That is part of the progress over perfection. Because when you acknowledge your progress and small steps that you’ve actually taken and succeeded with; you get happy! Hopefully. When you are happy, you’re increasing your self-esteem and self confidence that you can. This is very important for your motivation. So keep on tracking important things such as how much water you’re drinking, how many hours of sleep and your energy level. On a weekly, or biweekly basis, check your measurements around your navel or check tracking of your strength during a fitness session or your cardio level. Maybe you ran a longer distance or maybe you ran faster; but you still had so much more energy than before. Finally, remember to celebrate your progress and success! Give yourself that hug. Acknowledge how awesome you feel, how much more energy you have, how much more mindful you are with your friends and family, that you don’t have any sugar cravings anymore or that your super comfy jeans are fitting even better now! Remember, motivation is something you yourself is creating for yourself, and yes, You Can! Thank you & Energetic Regards, Carin Carin Timskog is an online trainer, with her own business Energized Muslimah, living in Tanger, Morocco with her husband and 3 years old girl. Carin started in the fitness industry already in 1998, and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach, to mention few of her certifications. She loves fitness, sunshine, traveling, going to the Spa and being out in the nature.
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