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Beauty Hacks for a Smoother Manicure

Beauty Hacks for a Smoother Manicure

Manicured hands can make or break your whole look, but getting to the salon isn’t always easy. Bright colored polish might not be your thing, but it is important to at least keep them looking neat and tidy. If you’re feeling a little adventurous and think you want to tackle the task at home, these beauty hacks can help you get the look you want without making it difficult. Beauty Hacks #1: Apply Petroleum Jelly for Simple Cleanup Remember when you learned to color inside the lines as a child? It wasn’t always easy. Painting inside the lines of your nails is no easy feat either, for some people. To make it a little more manageable, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the skin around your nails. You can use a cotton swab to do this easily. The petroleum jelly creates a barrier of sorts around your nail. When you’re done painting your nails and the polish has dried, you can wipe the petroleum jelly away, and any stray polish marks will wipe right off as well. Beauty Hacks #2: U Use White Polish as a Base Coat   Most of us understand the importance of a good base coat. A base coat will help the polish to adhere to your nails better and will make your manicure last longer. It is a must have if you don’t want to find yourself continually repainting. What a lot of people don’t know is that you don’t have to stick to just a traditional clear base coat. Using a white nail polish as a base coat will help you to actually get your nail polish’s true color. This is especially true if your polish is not all that opaque. Layering it on to a white base coat helps the color to really pop! Abu Dhabi from 786 Cosmetics is a great choice if you’re looking to try this out. Beauty Hacks #3: Create Custom Shades So, you have a new outfit that you’re excited to wear, but you can’t find just the right nail polish shade to match. What can you do? With this beauty hack, you can create just about any shade in your favorite polish brand. Find an eyeshadow pigment in the shade you’re wanting. Put it in a spoon or a small bowl, and mix it with a little clear polish. Varying the amount of pigment used can allow you to easily alter how intense your color is. Once you have the color you want, grab a brush and paint away! Beauty Hacks #4: Roll Your Nail Polish Bottle If you’ve ever painted your nails and then noticed tiny air bubbles on the surface of them, you were probably disappointed. Fortunately, there is an easy way to prevent this from happening, and it’s all about how you handle your polish. Most of us have a tendency to grab the color we want and give it a good shake to make sure it is well mixed before we start painting. Well, stop it! Shaking the polish is what creates the air bubbles. Instead, hold the nail polish bottle securely between your hands and roll it back and forth in your hands. This will mix the polish without adding air bubbles to it, and you’ll end up with a sleek polish. Beauty Hacks #5: Use Stickers to Organize Your Polish Stash Stop wasting your time going through bottle after bottle of nail polish, looking for the exact right shade. Sometimes it is hard to know if the color is actually going to come out looking just like it does in the bottle anyway. Well, this beauty hack makes it easy to choose which color polish to use. Grab some adhesive file folder labels, a single hole punch, and your nail polish collection. Paint a small swatch of each color in to a label. Once it dries, punch out a small circle with the hole punch and stick it to the top of the polish bottle. Once you’ve done this for all of your polishes, you have a neatly labeled, organized, easy to access nail polish collection. Do you have a favorite beauty hack that has changed your manicures? Share with us on our Instagram page!  
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