How To: Cuticle Care

I think it's safe to say that all of us either struggle, or have struggled in the past, with maintaining good cuticle care. Some of us have tried everything out there to keep them healthy! Who would have thought that tiny piece of skin could be so difficult?

Hopefully, after reading this, it won't be that way anymore as we've got some great ideas for you to try when maintaining good cuticle care! Keep reading for the ultimate Cuticle Care How To!

1. Cuticle Oil

I thought I would start with the most obvious one first. When asking someone how to keep nice-looking cuticles, the first thing they're going to tell you is to use a cuticle oil. Why? Cuticle oil can be made of various ingredients; typically you'll find that they're made up more of vegetable oils. These oils are made for intense moisturizing. They help to fix your chapped, cracked, and dry cuticles. When using a cuticle oil, a little goes a long way. Apply a few drops directly to the nail, or on a cotton ball, and massage into each cuticle.

There are other products besides a labeled bottle of "cuticle oil" you can use, too. You can use a plain essential oil such as safflower oil, jojoba oil, or flaxseed oil. Vitamin E oil is also another great moisturizer. It is sold by the bottle or you can buy some vitamin E capsules; poking a hole in one with a safety pin and squeezing the oil out will work just as well!

A final great product is Vaseline. I often use Vaseline as an overnight treatment for my hands, lips, and feet. You can also apply it before going to bed to soothe your damaged cuticles while you sleep. Or, apply it at the beginning of the day to lock in moisture and act as a protective barrier from outside elements.

2. To Cut or Not To Cut

This is a very common question, "should I cut my cuticles or not?" When you get a professional manicure, they typically get rid of your nasty cuticles entirely. Problem solved, right? Not exactly. Your cuticle is a protective barrier for new nail growth. If you cut it, it makes you more susceptible to get an infection. However, it is okay to trim them or push them back for a cleaner look.

You can get them soft with a warm water soak or by taking a hot bath or shower. Then gently push them back with a cuticle pusher (you can buy these at most beauty suppliers). After, trim any excess skin or hangnails only! Again, we don't want to remove the entire cuticle so as to protect ourselves from infection. If you are getting your nails done professionally, it is okay to ask them not to remove your cuticle entirely. Also, make sure the salon you go to is using sterile tools.

3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

The best thing we can do in order to have good cuticle care is to focus on prevention. We want to fix the problem of dry and peeling cuticles before it even starts! In order to do that, we have to avoid anything that will dry out our skin. Our skin can already get easily dried out by certain chemicals or soaps, and our cuticles are even more delicate. We want to avoid things such as harsh nail polishes and nail polish removers. If we can avoid acetone at all costs, that is best!

Try out a more natural polish remover such as a Soy-Based Nail Polish Remover. Along with being acetone free, this non-toxic nail polish remover also contains Almond Essential Oil for moisturized nails and cuticles. We also want to be cautious with what kind of soaps we are using when cleaning. A good solution for this is to wear gloves to protect your hands, especially if you are using anything with bleach in it. For your hand soap, body wash, and shampoo, keep an eye out for ingredients such as sulfates, salicylic acid, and AHA acids as these can be very drying to our skin.


Use a good oil to repair any damaged cuticles, keep your nails protected by not cutting your cuticles, and prevent potential dryness by protecting your hands and nails from harsh soaps and chemicals. These are the key tips to having good cuticle care!  

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