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7 Manicure Tips: Keep Your Mani Looking Fresh!

7 Manicure Tips: Keep Your Mani Looking Fresh!

I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I say that I love getting my nails done! But how can I keep that mani looking fresh? There are so many opportunities for breakage and chipping, and what about those cuticles?! I've got some great manicure tips for you guys today for that in-between appointment time to help your nails look their best and last a long time!

1. Opt For Shorter Nails

Even though the cat claws have this beautiful lengthening effect and have such a dramatic look, they could be putting your manicure in jeopardy! Having longer nails makes it more likely for them to get caught on or in something, thus leading to breakage. They could also start to separate from the nail bed and, eventually, fall off completely! That would leave you with a very sad looking finger.

2. Keep A Natural Shape

When choosing the shape of your nails, go with what already naturally grows on your hand. Typically, this means a slightly rounded nail with squared corners. This is an easier nail shape for long term maintenance. Mainly because of its natural shape, you don't feel awkward doing normal activities such as typing or grabbing things. This goes along with keeping shorter nails; there is a lower chance of them getting broken if you already know how to work with them.

3. Keep 'Em Moisturized

You need to keep your hands and nails moisturized on a daily basis if you just want healthy looking nails in general! Having dry nails can lead to splitting and breakage. Dry cuticles can also ruin your manicure as they can separate from the nail and cause those nasty looking hangnails around the edges of your fingers. The best way to solve this issue is by using a Cuticle Oil nightly before you go to sleep.

4. Top Coat, Top Coat, Top Coat!

The top coat of your manicure is the first line of defense to keeping your mani fresh! Make sure you keep it strong by reapplying every other day. Try out the Top Coat Clear or the Top Coat Matte for your next manicure! Another tip is to make sure you're putting the top coat along the top edge of your nails creating a "seal" that protects you from chips.

5. Gel or Dip

If you're willing to step away from the traditional manicure, try out gel or dip nails. If you want your nails to last forever, these are the strongest manicures you can get! Gel is applied similarly to standard nail polish, and dip is a powder that the nail is dipped in and then sealed. When you do decide you're ready for a change in color or design, however, it can be quite a process to get this stuff off! I would highly recommend going to the salon for this, unless you have a couple of hours and are up for the challenge.

6. Fill In Chips or Scratches

If you do end up getting a chipped nail, or a scratch in your polish, there are few different ways you can fix that. Some people suggest buffing the rough edges of the hole first, then painting it with a matching nail polish color and re-coating with a top coat. Or you can put a small amount of nail polish remover on a cotton swab and gently dab the chip, and the area around it, until the nail polish evens out.

7. At Home Manicures

So far, everything that we have talked about is maintaining a manicure from the nail salon. If you're more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, all of these tips apply to you, too! I do have a few more suggestions specifically for you guys, though. First off, you want your nails to be as clean as possible! Even if you weren't wearing nail polish before you decided to paint your nails, go ahead and swipe some nail polish remover on. Any dirt, debris, or oils that might be on your nails can cause the polish to not bond well with the nail. We all know what that means...chips! Or, in some cases, all the nail polish could just peel right off! After cleaning your nails, go ahead and apply a base coat or primer. Many primers, like the Nail Rescue Primer, can double as a nail strengthener. After applying a couple of coats, allow to completely dry before putting your favorite nail polish cover on top for extra bondage! And for additional protection, you can use a quick dry serum. Then, give your nails a bath in some cold water to speed up the drying process.

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