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How To Look Good On Zoom: Here Is All You Need To Know

How To Look Good On Zoom: Here Is All You Need To Know

Are you wondering how to get some ideas on how to look good on Zoom? Then you are at the right place! We have got you covered. Due to Covid-19, the concept of online classes or meetings has become a norm, and everyone has taken or seen someone take an online class on Zoom. But it rarely happens that you see someone enjoying the online call, most of you may think that it may be due to the call being boring, but we cannot be more wrong.

Mental factors play an important part in our emotions, and like they say, a ripple can cause a wave; a little grooming can change your appearance and make your interactions with others fun for you.

Now some might debate that online classes cannot be considered as interactions, though I would disagree with them. Most classes or meetings require you to keep your cameras running, and according to a study, 80% of the people find it embarrassing to show their appearance as most do not go through the arduous task of putting on makeup or getting ready just to attend a one-hour lecture.

But that does not mean that you cannot look presentable in front of a camera without makeup. Sometimes all it takes is a little grooming or a positive attitude to get yourself feeling uplifted and looking great. I do think that online classes will, in time, become a thing of the past and that wasting your time researching something that will not stay forever is not that great of an idea, but still, one must stay up on current trends!

This article provides some pointers which are easy to use and may not be that hard to implement. I am not a professional, but I trust that what I write here will help you in one way or another. Now let us dive straight into my limited world of wisdom and hope that this pandemic will soon pass and our lives will once again become continuous.

6 Tips for How You Can Look Good on Zoom

Being in a good mood is key! 

Now, this may not be a very common solution, but having a good mood before starting a Zoom meeting can increase your chance of looking good during the meeting; not only that, but it also makes the whole meeting bearable. Most people are already worn out before attending the meeting, so remember to watch something uplifting before it starts.

Forget about perfection!

Remember that you do not have to be perfect to be good. Your colleagues or fellow students will appreciate knowing you are human, so a slight word fumble is not the end of the world. Keep going and finish strong.

It is always recommended to never lose confidence and always keep your concentration on what is being said during the Zoom call. People learn through mistakes, so never shy away from a challenge; a bad call on Zoom is never the end, the next one would be better, and you will look good tomorrow too, even if something went wrong the day before.

Choose the right outfit!

A lot of focus falls on the clothes or outfits you wear while in the meeting, so dressing nicely also has its benefits. Going overboard is also not a good idea, so it's better to dress moderately.

Wearing light-colored bright clothes can always help compensate for the lack of good lighting conditions. Although having good lighting is in itself a whole other point, adding it to this paragraph proves that outfits matter a lot.

Remember to put on a smile!

To pull off an amazing appearance once on camera, you should try to smile as often as you can. However, keeping the smile as natural as possible is also crucial to this. This delicate balance might be hard to achieve when starting out. It should not be a cause for alarm. With more practice, you will get it.

Hydrate Before You Begin

Staying hydrated before a meeting also makes one look livelier. You do not have to overdo it, but drink plenty of water and be sure to have water and even some hot tea available with you while you are in the meeting. There is nothing worse than having a hoarse voice while talking in front of multiple people.

Subtle/Natural Makeup!

It is indeed not necessary to wear makeup and definitely not a good idea to put on excessive amounts of expensive skincare products, which you will have to remove after an hour of a meeting, but still sometimes putting a little something on will help a lot.

An example of this is nail polish. It is easy to put on and gives a cheerful feeling to whoever notices it if you speak with your hands a lot. Now, most may say that nail polish is harmful and or unacceptable in several religions like Islam, for example. While nail polishes give a neat look to our hands and play an important role in the look we are going for, Muslim women cannot wear it in their day-to-day routine, but we have just the perfect solution for you! 786 Cosmetics have a wide range of halal nail polishes that you can wear 24/7. View their Instagram here.

Looking Good on Zoom: Importance and Effects

Appearance is an indication of self-respect. How you look says a lot about who you are and how you feel about yourself. Staying well-groomed and dressing appropriately are indications that you respect and feel good about yourself and want to present yourself in the best way. Online meetings often may include people you have never met before or may not have been officially introduced to, so giving them a good first impression may help in forming a friendlier working environment.

Most of the time, it is hard or almost impossible to make your background stand out and look good. Thus, it is better to make yourself worth presenting. In this age where it is mandatory to stay indoors, Zoom has played a pivotal role in forming connections between people, both formal and informal, and it is never a bad idea to look the best wherever you are. People may respect you and open up to you just because you gave them importance by showing a presentable condition.

- Saba Khalil

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