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Top 6 Date Ideas During Quarantine

Top 6 Date Ideas During Quarantine

The pandemic has restricted us all to our homes, and routines all over the world have been completely disrupted. Covid-19 has infiltrated our lives to such an extent that there's no aspect of our lives that hasn't been affected by it.  For a year and more, we have been confined to our homes on and off. School has shifted to online classes, and family gatherings have ceased. For many, this has been an opportunity to work on themselves, but for a lot of other people, the lockdown has caused several problems like unemployment and distance from loved ones.  A lot of people were forced into quarantine to protect themselves and their loved ones but to isolate yourself for an indefinite time can be stressful. In today’s article, we are going to share the top 7 date ideas during quarantine. Just read on!

Quarantine for Couples

Quarantine for couples has been the most difficult as most relationships had to take the form of long-distance relationships. Long-distance relationships tend to have very different problems than other relationships.

Experts believe that people in long-distance relationships tend to be more insecure, closed off, and stressed about their relationship. This is probably because the geographical distance between two people in love brings feelings of uncertainty, and from that, other negative emotions arise. Communication is key.

For every relationship, it is important and necessary that the two people are willing to communicate and to listen. To be able to communicate is as important as the ability to listen. Other than communication, it is important that the couple spends a few hours of quality time together. The current lockdown situation might come in the way of that, so here are a few date ideas that may help you plan your next date but remember to get vaccinated and also advise your partner to do the same so you can spend a safe and happy time together.

1. Movie Night

Movie nights are movie nights whether you are out in a cinema with your partner or are watching a movie with your partner on the couch. But while in quarantine, when you are miles away from each other, you can watch a movie with your significant other through the new Netflix Party feature.

Netflix Party allows you to synchronize a movie being played on two different devices that are not even close to each other. This feature has made quarantine easy for a lot of us as we can now spend time with our loved ones while also watching a movie or an entire show together. Fun date idea: Netflix party with your significant other. Grab your favorite popcorn, get in bed, and put on a movie you both will enjoy watching.

2. Go on A Picnic Together!

Staying at home for long periods of time can be depressing and unhealthy. During a worldwide lockdown, many places are closed down, and the government has put restrictions on going out. Even though these measures are important for our safety and for the people around us, staying locked inside our homes can be difficult, so here is what you can do: create a picnic in your backyard.

Arrange the picnic essentials: a picnic blanket and a picnic basket full of other things that you will need like food, drinks, disposable crockery, and toiletries, including napkins and sanitizers. Invite your partner and spend a day together, soaking under the sun and eating in an open-air environment. This will help you to freshen up from a tedious and boring routine and also bond better as picnics are a great way of spending time together.

3. Roof Party

Plan a mini party on the roof for your partner and yourself. Grab your favorite snacks and juices and set them on a table. Remember to put some flowers and light up candles to give it a romantic touch.

Fairy lights hanging on the walls is a good idea too. With a few easy steps, you can arrange a dinner date at home in a clean and safe environment!

4. Cook A Meal

Another date idea is that you cook a meal together. You could do this virtually where you and your partner can cook the same meal in your respective houses, but together, that is, on a video call. This can be a very exciting date idea for many cooking enthusiasts but also for couples that do not necessarily enjoy cooking but would do anything to spend quality time together.

You could make a routine of cooking one meal of a day together, and this way cooking would feel less taxing, and your time spent together will increase too. Not only this, but cooking also becomes a fun activity once you find a reason to enjoy it, and what could be a better reason than doing it with your partner or, better still, for your partner!

5. Play A Game!

There are now many games present on the internet that you can play with a friend or a group of friends even. Explore the internet and find a suitable game that you and your partner both like.

Some apps have multiple built-in games, so keep trying out different games so you don't get bored. Decide on a game night and make it a habit as it can be a good date idea, both enjoyable and unique. Challenge each other and reward whoever wins, so there's something you can look forward to!

6. Spa Night

Spas are a good way of treating your body. Surprise your partner with a spa night. Have your significant over, set up a hot bath for them, and dig through your cabinets to pull out your collection of skincare products. Grab that moisturizer, that box of facemasks and exfoliators, and your best scrub. Give each other gentle massages, light up candles to make the setup look romantic.

Make a list of things you'll need for your couple spa night, and don't forget to add the perfect nail polish that'll last a long time after your spa night and act like a reminder of your good time spent together. 786 Cosmetics has a range of halal nail polishes that you can wear while praying too. Check out the website to see a variety of colors or their Instagram.

- Saba Khalil

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