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What Are Gua Sha Benefits? Here is All You Need to Know

What Are Gua Sha Benefits? Here is All You Need to Know

Are you looking for affordable skincare along with something that is organic and doesn't harm your skin? Well, your call has been answered. I'm going to tell you all about gua sha and what are gua sha benefits. 

"What is it? How does it work?" Calm your horses and dig in because I have the answer to all your queries regarding gua sha.

What is it? 

Do you often find yourself in Instagram's explore page or your TikTok for you page watching expensive skincare? Have you noticed a new 'tool' they are using on their face nowadays? Yes, that stone-like flat structure is called gua sha.

Gua sha is a skincare instrument that dates back to ancient Chinese traditions. Yep, we are finding skincare pondering through the ancient times because these newfound chemicals are just not for your skin. 

The literal meaning of gua sha is "scraping sand," and well, it's scraping your face, but with the impurities, so the definition makes sense. 

Gua sha is usually made up of crystal stones such as rose quartz or flat jade. 

The Purpose of Gua Sha

The sole purpose of gua sha is to drain your tissue with impurities and to relax your muscles. Yes, you can call it a spa-like treatment for your face. 

But due to the tissue drainage and relaxation of muscles, it offers uncountable benefits to your skin, and I'm going to let you know about most of them. So let's not wait more and dig into some mesmerizing gua sha benefits. 

4 Must-Know Gua Sha benefits- The Wonders it Does for Your Health!

  1. It feels like meditating

Almost all ancient Chinese techniques are relaxing to the mind, and so is the gua sha facial. You see, the slow-paced stern movements help your skin calm and breathe. 

Not just your skin, but these movements also relax your mind; with the blood flowing more efficiently now, you can go into your meditating state. 

The tension and nervous impulses in your body calm down instantly, and you start feeling rejuvenated in your mind. 

Following the tension relief, you will feel your neck and headaches go away with frequent usage of gua sha; this is because most of our neck pain, upper back pain and, headaches are due to the stored tension in our muscles. 

Once gua sha relieves all the stiffness and knots in your muscles and blood, you will feel like a new person. Yes, it works beautifully with migraines too. 

  1. Lets the life force flow

Sounds complicated? Let me explain. You see, gua sha helps to normalize our lymphatic system; if there is any organ not working correctly in our body, it's probably due to blockage due to toxins and whatnot. 

Yes, gua sha can help beautifully with this issue too, but how? There is something called 'chi' it means our life force. If our channels are blocked due to toxins, chi cannot flow efficiently, making the organs distinction resulting in bad health. 

What gua sha does in this state is it detoxifies you from harmful entities blocking your blood channels. This eventually helps in you feeling better and your organs fully functioning properly.

  1. Overflowing breast milk pain? Let gua sha help! 

It's natural to have overflowing breast pain if you breastfeed. The real issue arrives when they become swollen and extremely painful. 

Now a new mother won't be prescribed a medication because there is no medicinal treatment for this issue. Does that mean you have to suck it up and bear the pain? No, you can use gua sha. 

Yes, plenty of studies found that mothers facing this issue were relieved after using gua sha for some time.The treatment helped them with pain and heaviness. Not just that, they were able to breastfeed more efficiently. 

  1. Bye-bye premenopausal symptoms

For women who face perimenopausal symptoms, and there is no actual cure to it except gua sha. 

Yes, plenty of women facing issues sleeping, irregular periods, hot flashes, etc., noticed a drastic change in their health and symptoms after they started using gua sha.

It makes sense when you connect the 'chi' theory to these issues. Once all your muscle tension is relieved and your life flow can easily connect with your body channel, there is no curable issue you can't get rid of with GUA SHA. 

Gua Sha Benefits for Your Skin

Apart from these medicinal properties of gua sha, it does have a fantastic effect on your skin too. It feels like gua sha was made for women. 

  1. Tighter Skin

Why does our skin age and wrinkles start to form? Because we are short of collagen, the blood can't reach critical areas of your face anymore, and the blood flow is generally poor.

Well, call the superstar of regulating blood flow, gua sha. It does wonders with skin tightening. Just after a few uses, you will feel your skin getting tighter and more firm. 

This is not just because of regulated blood flow but also due to the lifting movement you carry out when using gua sha. 

  1. Product Penetration

Let's come back to these Instagram and TikTok beauty gurus using gua sha. Have you noticed when they use it? After applying any serum or moisturizer. 

This is because no matter how much or how expensive the sort of product you use, there is no way you can make it reach all areas of your skin, which means it can't work correctly. 

But when you use gua sha after applying any of your skin products, it helps it penetrate your skin, making it glowing and beautiful. 

You probably won't have to wait for golden hour with gua sha usage. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now. 

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