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Fashion Trends on TikTok

Interesting New Fashion Trends on TikTok

With an algorithm that seems to know what we want before we know it, TikTok and its viral fashion trends have taken the world by storm.

While films and sitcoms once served as the most prominent sources for fashion inspiration, TikTok is giving them fierce competition given its ability to define trending fashion.

If you're looking for some interesting fashion trends on TikTok, we've rounded up some of the most popular ones to emulate and imitate.

1. Tie-Dye

Tie-dye has been around for what feels like forever, but it's making a comeback thanks to the wildly viral social media platform. Tie-dye's mesmerizing colors and patterns can be seen in different apparel, from crop tops to sweatpants. You'll find that it's quite the hit among TikTok video creators and dancers. It's a fun, affordable, DIY-friendly wardrobe option that can put a fun twist to an otherwise not-so-exciting look.

2. Leather Blazers

Fashion trends on tiktok

Leather apparel never went out of style. Its recent boom in TikTok is proof that they're here to stay for a long, long time.

Stylish and edgy while being warm and comfy, leather blazers can be an excellent addition to your fashion wardrobe. Solid leather blazers, pink boyfriend-style blazers, faux leather blazers, and single-breasted blazers are popular styles making the rounds on TikTok.

3. Catsuits

Inspired by Taylor Swift's outfit at the 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's induction ceremony, catsuits have become a trendy fashion statement in the TikTok space. It's a versatile outfit that is more figure-hugging than traditional jumpsuits and pairs well with most accessories from your wardrobe, from a simple slip dress to an elaborate blazer.

4. Super Distressed Jeans

A super casual and chill outfit that goes well with any season or occasion, distressed jeans are a crowd favorite that you'll notice among many TikTok fashion influencers.

Featuring a high-waist, loose-fit, and wide-legs, super distressed jeans pair well with a crop top or baggy shirt. This trend exudes a chill-girl vibe that has become the craze with the VSCO girl crowd. Complete the look with this Karachi and Tripoli breathable nail polish set that offers a delicate sheen from 786 Cosmetics.

5. Oversized Hoodies and Sweatshirts

The oversized look has always been a crowd favorite, which is the case with the Gen Zers. Comfortable and stylish, oversized sweatshirts and hoodies can up your fashion game effortlessly with their sheer versatility and simplicity.

From block neutral tones and graphic patterns to fluorescent neons and vintage styles, hoodies and sweatshirts come in various styles and designs, which can be worn in several ways. If you want to exude a chill and relaxed vibe, pair them with funky bike shorts and chunky boots.

6. Cottagecore Fashion

Fashion Trends on TikTok

An aesthetic fashion trend inspired by rural and farming scenes, Cottagecore fashion is about romanticizing its vintage roots.

Inspired by country-related movies and shows like Little Women, the clothes of Cottagecore fashion are crafted from natural fabrics. They have an alluring appeal that has charmed fashionistas around the world. Its subtle color palette will be well-complemented by this barely-there light pink Rotomahana breathable nail polish.

Featuring attires like flowy gowns, puffed sleeves, high-neck collared dresses, floral designs, and old-fashioned lingerie, these clothes have an earthy and warm color palette that looks even more enticing with a sepia filter.

7. Crop Tops

Cute and pretty, crop tops still rule the fashion game, whether as tank tops, mini cardigans, or silk scarves. They're usually paired with high-waisted pants and chunky boots. A cropped blazer paired with an oversized tailored top has emerged as a sophisticated fashion trend that's chic and classy.

8. Sneakers

Sneakers, especially white ones, never really went out of fashion. Super comfortable and stylish, they effortlessly enhance your overall outfit without taking attention from it, whether you're wearing a floral print dress or are rocking tie-dye joggers.

The white sneaker craze is strong among dancers on TikTok because the shoe makes it easy to perform complex footwork. Another quirky trend making the rounds is the retro tube socks paired with white shoes. You can pull off this look with ankle-length pants for a peak-a-boo sock look or wear them with shorts and skirts.

9. Knitwear

From cardigans to crop tops, the knitwear trend is still going strong in TikTok. Whether it's bright, multicolored block patterns or solid muted colors, these outfits are popular for giving a subtle, sophisticated, and relaxed vibe.

10. Matching Sets

Fashion Trends on TikTok

Thanks to the booming craze on TikTok, matching sets and sweatsuits are no longer limited to house wear. Indeed, they make excellent outfit options for outside the house too.

Once a top fashion trend in the 90s, this quirky trend keeps reinventing itself in multiple ways. Comfy and stylish with just the right amount of streetwear-cool, matching sets are the easiest styles you can adopt with your everyday clothes.

Whether it's crop tops with skirts or hoodies and peek-a-boo turtlenecks with joggers, you can wear them any way you wish. Complete your look with a blazer, a chunky pair of white boots, or a layered necklace.

11. Bucket Hat

Another popular 90s fashion trend that's re-emerging is hip-hop-inspired bucket hats. The style that was originally designed to safeguard fishermen from the sun has now become a hot fashion accessory that comes in every fabric and color. On TikTok, bucket hats are usually paired with matching sets and suits.

12. Skater Skirt

The iconic Britney Spears-inspired look of the 90s is back in full force. TikTok is absolutely in love with it! A pleated skirt, tennis skirt, or skater skirt is a versatile piece of clothing that works great as formal wear or as stylish, casual attire. You can pair skirts with a ruffle blouse for a chic vibe, a band tee for a rocker look, or a hoodie for that streetwear feel.

For an edgier vibe, you can pair it with a leather jacket. You can also wear them with multiple types of footwear, from strapped sandals and chunky boots to white sneakers and ankle-length boots.

13. Shackets

A fashion trend that's all the rage on TikTok nowadays is the shacket — a combination of shirt and jacket that's perfect for spring. It's a great way to rock a basic button-down shirt.


That was a roundup of some of the most interesting new fashion trends on TikTok that are easy to emulate.

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Author: Keren Dinkin 

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