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Picnic date ideas

The Best Picnic Date Ideas For Summer

Were you looking for picnic dates ideas for your next big date with your significant other? Take a look at this! The pandemic has stretched people apart, and it can be tough to get that intimate bond back to relationships. But you don't have to worry because these picnic date ideas will help you make the best out of any "where to go on a date" dilemma. 

Picnics have been around for thousands of years; the ways people thought of picnics were different before, yes, but the origin and purpose remain the same, that is, having an intimate time with your better half. 

picnic date ideas

What crosses your mind when you think of a picnic? A basket and a park? Picture this, somewhere secluded with gorgeous greenery around you, a place for you and your date to put actual thoughts and efforts on food, conversation, and surroundings. It will be a delectable time for you and your loved one. 

Did you need a sign to go on a picnic with your significant other? Well, this is it. But before that, let me introduce you to some practical and unique picnic date ideas from venue to food and décor. You can use these ideas on your next romantic picnic. 

1. Pick The Right Place

Let's get back to the idea where I mentioned a basket and your local park. A picnic in the local park is a classic and straightforward way to have a picnic date. However, it may not be the place for a 'romantic getaway'?

The right place for an intimate and up-close fun picnic would be somewhere semi-secluded. Having this space will leave you able to talk and enjoy your time with your partner without any distractions.

Picnic date ideas

We suggest looking for a nearby hillside or near a lake or beach front, someplace in between, and scenic beauty. Pick the best place where you both feel the most comfortable and try it out. If your chosen space doesn't work, you can always try a different spot another day! 

Don't have a space in mind? Try searching for a privately owned spot where you can rent a space to enjoy your romantic picnic with your partner. 

2. Choose The Right Food

When it comes to picnics, it's essential to have the right snacks with you. Having the right food means planning out your meal to be foods you can enjoy easily. We recommend tea sandwiches with your favorite fruits and some juice to go along with it.  

picnic date ideas

One popular picnic meal is a charcuterie board with your favorite drinks. The best part? It's customizable, so you can pick whatever you want to eat. This board will have everything you want, such as cheese and crackers, fruits, or even chocolates. 

Pack your charcuterie foods separately, then once you have settled into your space, take the board and food and line it up as you please. Don't forget a little icebox to keep your food and drinks cool in the summer heat.

3. Remember Timing is Everything

You have to make sure to choose the right time for your picnic. Your date can be any time you feel comfortable being outside. Although we don't recommend after dusk as most parks close around this time. 

picnic date ideas

If you are a big sunset fan, we recommend your arrival time to be one or two hours before sunset to enjoy your meal without rushing to clean up. You will have plenty of time to put your space and talk while watching the sunset. Just be sure to follow your park rules and stay during open hours. 

4. Do A Fun Activity

The sun has to set at some point, and your chatter may settle too. So when the conversation dies down, it's best to bond over activities. 

picnic date ideas

I would suggest you take something that you both love to do. Try painting and freestyle your canvas by taking inspiration from things around you. Want more of a simple approach to painting? Try a paint by number canvas. 

Do you both love playing board games? Bring out your favorites like Monopoly or Risk. Want to relax? Try a simple puzzle! 

5. Wear the Cutest Outfit

Now the question is, "What do you wear?". No matter who you are, the answer remains the same, wear something casual yet cute. That does not mean wearing the pajamas that you woke up wearing. Remember this is a date you are on!

We recommend wearing anything that makes you feel yourself. We found that men tend to look great with a nice pair of shorts with a button-up shirt. As for women, spice up your regular attire with a pretty sundress and some charming sandals. 

picnic date ideas

You can wear anything that says summer. The key is to wear bright and beautiful colors. Ditch out the dark colors in exchange for pastels. Pastels will help enhance your beauty in the glowing sun. 

Hey Bestie, Listen To This Tip! 

Listen to this and try pairing your incredible outfit with your favorite nail polish. How about you wear your favorite pastel sundress accompanied by a beautiful pastel nail polish? You are going to look great and feel great! Imagine how heavenly you would look in that sunset as the light hits those beautiful nails. 

picnic date ideas

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Enjoy Your Picnic Date!

That's it for our picnic date ideas. Picnics are supposed to be fun and beautiful, and you are guaranteed to have a great time with your loved one. Try out our tips and let us know how your romantic picnic date went. 

Moreover, do not forget to paint those nails of yours. Use the best halal nail polish with 786 cosmetics. Make sure to make the best out of your picnic date, and don't forget to have fun! 

Author: Saba Khalil

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