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How to get over a breakup

How to Get Over a Breakup: With 8 Simple Steps!

Clear your mind, and let me help and tell you about how to get over a breakup in the easiest way possible. People may give you advice like, "Move on, get over it, or it's just a breakup." How many times have you found yourself receiving this unwanted advice from people? They might not understand that to you; it isn't just a breakup; you spend your time, energy, intimacy for a person, and it all goes to waste. Then comes the memories to fuel your heartache, but don't worry, I'll tell you how to get over a breakup fast. 

Before we get into this read, you would have to give yourself some affirmations. Tell yourself you're strong, smart and you will get through this yourself because reading this will take some strength, but I assure you it would help a ton. If you follow these simple steps you will find yourself healing from your breakup. 

how to get over a breakup

1. Yep, That Happened

Most of us fall into a state of denial that comes out of the initial anger and sadness that we feel after a breakup. 

The first step for you to get over a breakup is to accept that is has happened. Accept that you both are no longer a couple and that it's okay to be feeling how you are feeling. 

Keep in mind that the initial acceptance is the only way that you will get through this. The quicker you can admit the relationship is over the quicker you can move on and heal your heartbreak.

2. Avoid

Avoid your ex at all costs. It may not matter if the split was out of mutual understanding or anything like that; it can still hurt.    

The best thing to do right now is let your feelings flow, anger, sadness, frustration, let it all out, don't ignore your feelings, but cut off ties with the person for the time being. You may be friends once you are emotionally stable, but your mental state matters the most right now. 

How to get over a breakup

When I say avoid, I don't mean hanging out with them, texting, or calling them. I also mean stalking your ex online and following each other. No contact be the most challenging part as everything will remind you of your ex, even your hair clips but trust me, it's for the better. 

3. Channel Out Your Feelings

Right now, you are, broken and vulnerable, and you probably have accepted it. Now is the right time to find something to channel all your feelings. If you do need additional help please do speak to a therapist or someone you trust.

As I told you earlier, do not avoid what you feel and let it all out. But out on what? I don't mean to break your surroundings; I suggest that you should find a hobby, an activity, anything out of the ordinary that will keep you distracted, for example, painting. 

Painting is one of the many best ways to channel your feelings through colors and keep yourself distracted. Search it up and indulge yourself in something similar. 

4. Make It About You

You were used to caring about a whole other person; sometimes, you may have cared too much that you let yourself go completely. It's time to focus on self-love. 

Realize that you gave it your all in the relationship. So how about you invest that same energy for you and just you? Give yourself time, spend time with yourself.

how to get over a breakup

Let me suggest, order your favorite food, watch your favorite movie, go to your favorite restaurant. Now, you are the boss of yourself, and no one else's choices are going to have any influence on you, so make the best out of it. 

5. Refrain From Addictions

Once you accept your feelings, let me warn you, you will have a wave of sadness wash over you all the time. 

This is the time when you will feel the urge to attach yourself to the evils of addictions. A study showed that most people addicted to drugs or others started when they separated from someone. 

Please don't, and I repeat, DONT, let yourself fall for that. Having something occasional is your choice, but right now, don't ever fall for that rare thing because you will find yourself soon smoking a pack a day or drinking a bottle an hour. 

Although you would love to fall into the state of ecstasy right now, in reality, that could end up damaging everything you worked for, and come on, you don't want to do that over an ex. 

6. Surround Yourself With Loved Ones

The first step was to give yourself time and space, but now we move on to reconnect with the right people when that sadness wave gets to you. 

I'd suggest you visit family and friends that live across the country or in another city, this way you will be able to get yourself on the road to clear your mind and spend time with people who value and love you. 

How to get over a breakup

Being around loved ones will also assure your mind that you aren't alone or unlovable; it was the other party that didn't understand your worth, and there are still people in the world who value you and support you. 

Family and friends are what you need to break free of those negative emotions and dissolve them for good. 

7. Move Your Body

When we fall into a state of depression, we often let ourselves go and let our hearts control our bodies. For example, you could be out with your family, but you do not participate in anything. This can lead to unhealthy habits. One way to avoid this is by moving your body. 

Now, this is something you don't have to do by yourself. For most, healing your emotions means physical movement. Try exercises, yoga and meditations are best to clear your mind. 

Try exercises for your brain and heart, not just for the body. Tell yourself affirmations every night before sleep and just after you get up. 

8. Slight Style Changes

I accept that trying new changes to fashion and style will not be your top priority but trust me, and it can help more than you realize. 

So your last step towards getting over a heartbreak is to change your style, try new attire, and put your hair up in a unique way.

If this sounds too much, how about buying yourself a new nail polish, like Cusco by 786 Cosmetics. Make yourself feel better when purchases because 786 Cosmetics gives back! Donating to multiple charities and wearing nail polish that is spontaneous, which will make you feel better inside out. 

how to get over a breakup

Bottom Line

In the end it will take time to heal whether your relationship was 2 weeks long or 2 years long. Don't forget to love yourself, try new things, and experiment with the old and new things you love, like your nail polishes! 

If you are looking for new inspirations to try for this season, then visit our Instagram and our Website.

I'm sure you will find a design or two here to flaunt on your social media! You are brave; you can do this.

Author: Sara Khalil

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  • Alex

    Thanks so much for the advice it really helped me get over my breakup 💔

  • Alex

    Thanks so much for the advice it really helped me get over my breakup 💔

  • Autumn

    I find these tips very helpful. I’m just struggling still after 2 months and I keep remembering the good times. Then we share a dojo together. It’s hard because I continue seeing him. Any tips, would be very much appreciated.

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