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Bucketlist Ideas

10 Bucket List Ideas for Summer 2021

Summertime and the heat are already here. So naturally, this calls for Summer vacations. But are you going to spend this Summer just like every other Summer you had; Boring and hot, with nothing to do? We have the perfect fix for that. Try writing out everything you have been wanting to do. Do not wait to write out your bucketlist ideas. 

The bright sunny long days are an invitation to break from monotonous life routines to experience something small but larger than life. Sometimes you aren't even able to do the tiniest of things because life is way too busy. Summer vacations are the best time to create bucket list ideas and start ticking off items from the list. You may have had this list for quite a while, so it is about time to start marking things off!

1. Decluttering And Donating

We all get super lazy when it comes to organizing, but the satisfaction afterward is gratifying. Holding onto clothes and other possessions can be very burdening. It is important to declutter and donate to renew your life. It's crucial to donate all that you do not use, like that one shirt you got as a gift and never wore because you didn't like the colors. 

Bucketlist Ideas

Now is the best time to give it up. Rather than just throwing out your clothing items, it's better to go and donate them so someone else can put them to good use.

2. Practicing Painting 

It's about time you start implementing all the tips and tricks you have learned in kindergarten art lessons. 

Bucketlist Ideas

You may think that maybe your art skills aren't good enough, but it's important to remember that art is about creativity and having fun rather than following a rule book. There is something for everyone to paint. Try it out yourself with different genres of art, from abstract to portraits.

3. Baking Banana Bread

Baking is always an enjoyable activity, but sometimes there are too many ingredients, which takes up too much time. Because of this, you may end up not doing it. But what if we tell you we have a solution to all this, and that is banana bread. It's not at all time-consuming, and you don't need a lot of ingredients. 

Bucketlist Ideas

Most importantly, you get to enjoy delicious bread. Baking Banana Bread is hands down one of our must-haves on our bucket list.

4. Playing a Musical Instrument 

Summer break is all about trying out new things, finding passions and hobbies. One way to amp up your bucket list of hobbies can be trying out a musical instrument. 

It might seem not very easy, but once you choose your instrument, start with the basics and pave your way to the top. It is also necessary to remember not to put pressure on yourself but do it for the sake of having fun and developing new talent. 

Bucketlist Ideas

There are many instruments to choose from, like pianos, guitars, and flutes. The list goes on and on. This Summer is the perfect chance for you to develop some new musical skills.

5. Start Journaling

Organizing is essential not only for your room and clothes but also for your thoughts. One way to organize your thoughts this Summer is by keeping a diary or a journal. Keeping a diary helps keep your thoughts and life events scheduled, but it improves one's writing skills. It doesn't have to be super basic; you can always put a twist on it. You can add colors, make mood boards, and make to-do lists so your life can be more organized while also not making the process tiresome.

Bucketlist Ideas

6. Make A Card for Someone Special 

Gifts are always so unique, and they are even better if one puts in the effort to make them personalized. Making a card can be so much joy, and doing it for someone you love can never be not interesting. There are so many ways you can design a card and so many colors and styles to choose from. The card can be anything from a thank you to a happy birthday card. Also, you can write cute messages inside for your family or friends.

Bucketlist Ideas

7. Pottery Learning Classes

Talk about learning new skills; making pottery can be another option. It doesn't have to be super expensive, and you can have so much fun with it. You can persuade your friends to join you in these pottery classes. It is another outlet for your creativity. After making the pottery, you can design and paint it however you want. You make jewelry organizers, mugs, and vases that can always come in handy to make your room or house more aesthetic.

Bucketlist Ideas

8. Revamp Your Room With DIYs

Who doesn't love DIYs? They are simple and fun and typically not too time-consuming. Last but not least, you always end up with something super cool. There are so many DIYs that can help you revamp your room with a small budget while still making it pretty. There are so many DIYs for jewelry and makeup organizers to make your vanity look more put together and beautiful. There are plenty of DIYs for paintings that you can put around your room. DIYs show us that we don't need many supplies or time to revamp our rooms; it can be done easily at home with recycling and reusing. 

Bucketlist Ideas

9. Waking Up Early for Sunrises

Sunrise is one of the prettiest times of the day. So why not get up and enjoy that with your friends or family or even alone. 

Even though you have to get up super early, the peacefulness and the beauty of the sunrise make it all worth it. We live in a time where we are glued to our phones and not nature. Sunrises and sunsets can be the time in our day that we reserve for nature and the beauty of our world.

Bucketlist Ideas

10. Doing Nail Art at Home

Now, this is something where you can let your creativity take over for a while. How about skipping the saloon sessions this year and trying to do nail art at home? This would be budget-friendly and a fun-filled activity this Summer.

You can head over to 786 cosmetics for the unique nail polish collection and find the prettiest yet breathable nail polishes to create DIY nail art. You can choose a nail polish set 6 pieces and add various colors of your choice to do the nail magic at home.

Bucketlist Ideas

To Conclude

These bucket list ideas will ensure that your future summer vacations are filled with fun, excitement, and adventure. And isn't that the purpose of summer vacations in the first place?

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Do share your bucket list ideas with us!

- Saba Khalil

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