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Fabulous Friday-Stamping Mani featuring 786 Granada

I LOVE how this manicure turned out! Now that it's finally cold here in North Carolina, I've been wanting to wear more fall colors. I had 786 Granada, so I put that on. This is a gorgeous purply gray- it looks more purple in this picture than what it is irl, but I couldn't get my camera to cooperate (btw, I got a new camera too, so hopefully quality is better!!) It's showing up a little more purple than it is in real life- it's definitely gray with a drop of purple! Then I thought, I would love to stamp some lace on this. So I looked through my plates and found this bridal plate from Uber Chic. Have you ever stamped? Here's how you do it. You need this stuff.                   The stamping plate, of course. The one in the picture is from Uber Chic. You also need a good stamping polish- this is my tried and true Konad black stamping polish, I've had it for years. I would use a stamping polish, not a regular polish- unless you have one you know stamps well. Stamping polish is thicker and a little more opaque than regular polish. A lot of the Sally Hansen Insta Dri polishes work well as stamping polishes. Any polish that is a one coater will usually stamp. I got this Konad one on Amazon.              You need a cotton claw of some sort, the pink tube in the picture- you press the end, the claw comes out and grabs the cotton ball that you can then dip in acetone to clean off the stamping plate. If you try to do that with  your fingertips you will for sure ruin your mani!                       The stamper is important- this is a clear stamper from Twinkled T, and I love it! You can see through the bottom, which makes it so much easier to place the stamp on your nail right where you want it. It's nice and squishy, so for people with a strong curve to their nails, like I have, can get the design over the entire nail easily. Don't clean your stamper with acetone, get some lint rollers from the Dollar Tree (or wherever you can get them cheap!) and use that to clean off your stamper. In a pinch you can also just use transparent tape. Acetone can cloud or degrade the stamper head. The little plastic card is the scraper. You apply the polish to the plate, then scrape it off the plate with the scraper, pick the image up on the stamper, then press it on your nail! Something else that is useful to have is some sort of latex barrier. I just buy the tubs of latex off Amazon, and pour it into a cleaned out nail polish bottle. I brush that around my cuticles and let it dry before stamping- it saves so much time on cleanup! I was so impressed at how great the stamping went! That Uber Chic plate had such fine detail, and the stamper picked it up super well! You can see all the details of the lace.  
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