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Why Breakfast is So Important

Bismillah, If you think it’s good for weight loss and good health to skip breakfast; think again. You’ve probably heard the saying that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, and yes, it is!
In the perfect religion of Islam we fast 30 days during Ramadan, but it’s also recommened to fast twice a week throughout the year. Fasting is something we as Muslims do solely for the sake of Allah SWT, and something that is hard. Thinking about the above, breakfast is a blessing and something that is recommended, unless we are then fasting during Ramadan or during the other recommended days. Therefore, I argue that instead of skipping breakfast regularly, start to follow the Sunnah and fast on Mondays and Thursdays. Then you’ll get rewards in Shaa Allah, you’ll follow the Sunnah, and you’ll reap the health benefits of fasting twice a week. But the other days, eat breakfast consistently, as this has many positive health benefits.

Is breakfast the most important meal?

Well, I definitively believe so! In the following research we can read that in Mediterranean countries, breakfast has been recognized as one the most important meal of the day. Regular consumption of breakfast is associated with a range of benefits in children and adolescents including more adequate intakes of macro and micronutrients; lower body mass index (BMI); higher cognitive performance; and better levels of well-being and quality of life.

You need to break-the-fast

Just like when we are fasting, we should fasten to break the fast. By eating breakfast you’ll boost your energy levels and balance your blood sugar levels. When you start the day with a nutritious breakfast, you also encourage yourself naturally to eat healthier the rest of the day. A tip here is to eat your dinner latest by 8pm in the evening, and after that nothing else than water. There are plenty of studies that suggest that eating close to bedtime is associated with obesity. That will not only make you go to bed earlier in shaa Allah, but also sleep better and start off the day in an energized and productive way after breakfast. Benefits of not eating too late in the evening, and going to bed early or latest by 10pm, puts the body into a good rhytm, and will in Shaa Allah make you wake up for Fajr on time. Or even for Tahajjud!

Not eating breakfast?

Whether or not research proofs that skipping breakfast can be a way to weight loss. I encourage you to see how it effects you the rest of the day. How’s your mood, your concentration and how will you eat the rest of the day? When you eat a nourishing breakfast you’ll have energy to focus and concentrate, thanks to that you have given your brain glucos from food, which stimulates the brain and it’s actually improtant for your memory even. With water and a nourishing breakfast you’ll also avoid the risk of early morning tiredness and headaches caused by low energy due to lack of energy in the brain. You will have energy to workout, be more productive and you’ll reduce the risk for starving and later overating because of it.

Fuel Your Body Right

Focus on the types of food that make you stay full longer. Such as oats, apple, egg and whole meal bread. Balance your meal by eating both protein (like egg), fruits (like apple), carbohydrates (like oats) and healthy fats (like natural nuts and seeds, but you also get fat from egg). That will leave you full and satisfied for 3-4 hours in shaa Allah, and give you a productive start of the day!

Give Yourself an Energized Morning, instead of being “Hangry”!

When you’re hungry, it’s normal to be moody or even angry. Hungry + angry = “hangry”, isn’t a good feeling, and often leaves you feel fatigues. Start off your day with a nourishing and satisfying breakfast instead. With coffee, if you’re like me, and love coffee. But don’t use coffee as substitute to eating a breakfast, as this probably will you both anxious, tired and dehydrated.

Super-quick Fix Tip!

A breakfast doesn’t need to take long time! However, it’s important to prioritize, as we just reminded ourselves of. In less than 10 minutes in shaa Allah, you can give yourself a peaceful and empowered start of the day by having an overnight oats prepared, just ready to eat. Or boiled eggs in the fridge, just to put on slices of whole meal bread with tomatoes for example. Or take a bowl of home made granola with natural, sugarfree yoghurt and berries. Keep it simple and nourishing!
What is your breakfast habit like? I’d love to hear from you. Thank you & Energetic Regards, Coach Carin
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