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How to Make Lotion for Sleep and Stress at Home

How to Make Lotion for Sleep and Stress at Home

Now that the cold weather is here, it’s very easy for your skin to dry out. There are many different things that can happen to your skin when it dries out, it can become rough, it can peel, it can crack and bleed, etc. A lot of people also get stressed out this time of year with work and the holidays. So why not knock out two things with one solution. It is important to make sure your skin stays moisturized and healthy. It can be fun to make your own lotions. You can make them smell however you want, you can make sure they contain ingredients that you love, and you can make the consistency you want.  This lotion will keep your skin healthy and moisturized, as well as take care of your mental health. Keep reading how to make lotion for sleep and stress at home if you need to get a good nights sleep and/or relieve your stress.

Lotion for Sleep

If you’re having trouble falling asleep, it’s a good idea to try a lotion for sleep! The best sleep lotion will contain lavender and/or chamomile. That is because they are known to relax the mind and body. You will want to put this lotion on before bed. Put some of this on before bed and you’ll see an increase in you sleep. As well as a deeper sleep. To make this lotion you will need:
  • A boiler that is double
  • 5 teaspoons lavender buds
  • 5 teaspoons Chamomile flowers
  • 8 ounces of distilled water
  • 1 ½ ounces grated carnauba wax
  • 6 ounces of infused liquid jojoba oil
  • 3 ounces of solid coconut oil
  • A food processor
  • Cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer
  • A scale

Infuse the Oil

Take your double boiler and put both the 5 teaspoons of chamomile and lavender. Remember, if you aren't using dried herbs you will need to double the number of teaspoons. Next, you will want to take your infused jojoba oil and pour it into the double boiler. Bring the water in the boiler to a slow boil. This is the long part. Now you need to infuse the oil for around two hours. You want to make sure you check on the oil often to make sure it doesn't overheat. Make sure you stir it as well! Once the two-hour mark is up and your oil is infused you want to drain the oil through a cheesecloth. You don’t need to keep the herbs at this point, you can throw them away.

Make Your Lotion

Now it is time to make the lotion! It's not very hard to make this lotion, in a way it’s almost like cooking and baking. To make the lotion you have to make sure the temperature is perfect. If it isn’t the oil and water will not combine, it will stay separated. This lotion has ingredients that will allow it to have a longer shelf life than most homemade lotions. Jojoba oil, as well as distilled water, has a longer shelf-life than comparable products. It will be best to keep your lotion in a container with a sealed lid this will allow it to last up to a couple of months. It can last slightly longer if you put it in the refrigerator. Your lotion may not last as long as the lotions that you buy from stores, that’s a good thing though! Lotions in stores last so long because of preservatives. Now you need to re-setup your double boiler. Once that is set up, you need to combine the coconut oil, infused jojoba oil, and the carnauba wax in the double boiler. You want these things to completely melt and then mix them thoroughly. Next, you need to remove it from the heat. Stir the mixture occasionally while it’s cooling down so it doesn't get clumpy. Once the mixture has cooled you want to heat the distilled water to the temperature of your body and then pour it into a container. Now, get your immersion blender and turn it on low. Use the immersion blender to slowly blend the oil and water together. Add very little oil to the water at a time. Overtime while you're blending you should start to see a creamy texture form. It may look a little chunky at first but just keep blending and it will smooth out. Now it is time to take your preferred essential oil and add a few drops to the mixture. Now, your lotion is finished! Make sure to apply this lotion before bed or when you're stressed out. It will be able to relax you!

Wrapping Up

There is how to make lotion for sleep and stress at home! Have you created lotion at home before? If not, are you going to? Let us know in the comments! If you need new nail polish head on over to the 786 cosmetics store! Our products are halal, vegan, and cruelty-free. Our products also contain less toxic ingredients, are healthier for you, and made with beauty lovers in mind. You can click here to head on over to our store!  
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