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Top Muslim Beauty Influencers

Top Muslim Beauty Influencers

In the seemingly every growing world of social media, there are a number of talented Muslim beauty influencers from all over the globe sharing their expertise, know-how and experiences, with us folks, who need all the help they can get when it comes to beauty. 

In today’s post, I will be sharing some of my favorite top Muslim beauty influencers and the reasons why I think you should check them out. So grab a notepad and come join me!

Aysha Harun

Aysha is an Ethiopian-Canadian living in LA. Over on her social media channels, she talks about Beauty, Skincare, Modest fashion and Lifestyle. I always enjoy watching her videos on YouTube, posts on IG and admire her as a person and appreciate her honest personality. Her style is similar to mine, and when it comes to make up, she is all about natural soft glam looks which resonates with me. 

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Along with having a million followers on Instagram, Nabela is a big time entrepreneur. She is the founder of the lifestyle brand, Zeba, and the Noor House Scholarship program. You are going to want to give her a follow and read all about her inspiring journey and all the beauty inspo she shares. Oh wait, and do check out her absolutely gorgeous home @nabelanoorhome where she shares short videos of self-love through self-care 

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Habiba Da Silva

If you are all about bold, loud and daring colors, Habiba needs to be your go-to! I love her strong, confident and sassy personality and I think you will too. Oh and she wears a red lippie like no other! She is also the founder of her clothing brand: Habibadasilva that carries a variety of bold to neutral colored hijabs that are suitable for all skin types

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Omaya Zein

She has got to be one of my top five influencers out there. Her makeup and outfits are ALWAYS on point. I am not the only one who thinks so, just ask any of her 1M followers on IG, I’m sure they all agree. Her insta is always inspiring and so pleasant to look at plus she’s always up to date with the latest beauty and fashion trends. She is definitely one of my go-to’s when I am feeling uninspired. 

Oh, and If you’re feeling down, take a look at some of her reels on IG and Tiktok. Together with her husband, they make some very entertaining and hilarious videos. If that does not cheer you up, I don’t know what will 

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Sabina Hannan

When I say Sabina, I want you to think flawless and on point coz one else does flawless makeup like her. She is super talented with her makeup, and her fashion sense is always on point. She shares a number of how-to videos on her YouTube channel that you do not want to miss out on.

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Who are some of your favorite Muslim beauty influencers?

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