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Shafaq Shahbaz Photo credit, women of color photo, makeup looks for dark skin

Brands with Inclusion in Mind: Makeup Looks for Dark Skin

Until recently, not many cosmetics brands highlighted beauty beyond Euro-centric beauty standards. It is so important for women of all backgrounds, skin tones, ethnicities, and skin types to be considered in the making and marketing of cosmetics. Here are some of our favorite skin-tone inclusive tips to create great makeup looks for dark skin.

 Pinterest credit, woman of color photo, makeup looks for dark skin

Photo Credit: Popsugar's "15 Black Muslim Beauty Bloggers"

1. Golden Toned Highlighters

Golden toned highlighters can reflect light off of your existing skin color, you don't even need to wear foundation for it to pop! The Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter by Fenty Beauty is a trendy favorite for it's pigmentation and versatility, you can check it out here.

Zainab Hassan photo, makeup looks for dark skin

Photo Credit: Zainab Hassan on Instagram

2. Bright Colored Eyeshadows

Contrary to popular belief darker skin tones do not need to play safe with neutral eyeshadows and lipsticks, in fact bright colored eyeshadows are made for you. A great Muslim Woman-owned option is Huda Beauty's Mercury Retrograde palette, full of buttery shades in satin and shimmery finishes here.

Mercury Retrograde Eyeshadow Palette photo, makeup looks for dark skin

3. Proper Foundation Shades

Consider supporting Iman Cosmetics, Muslim-owned inclusive beauty brand with an entire page of products for makeup looks for dark skin here. Another option is the well-known Fenty line of foundations with 50 shades to choose from. 

makeup looks for dark skin, @brinney_

Photo Credit: @brinney_ on Instagram

4. Lip Colors for Dark Skin

Black-owned Mented Cosmetics has an entire article breaking down the science of finding the right lip color for makeup looks for dark skin- a great way to support women of color and an inclusive beauty brand.

Mented Lipsticks photo, makeup looks for dark skin

5. Primers and Concealers

Oftentimes a color in a palette or bottle looks different in the package than how it would on your skin. One of the best ways to neutralize how colors appear on your skin, is to wear a primer or concealer with the proper undertone for your skin. A peach, orange, or red undertone in a primer can help your overall makeup application appear brighter and more even on your skin. LA Girl has a great color correcting primer here, perfect for makeup looks for dark skin.

LA Girl Pro Prep Correct primer photo, makeup looks for dark skin

Did you know?

Here at 786Cosmetics we include sample images of our polishes on light, medium, and dark skin- because inclusion of all skin tones is important to us as a brand, as we come in so many beautiful shades of skin! One of our favorite shades perfect for the season is Meta, a shimmery deep red inspired by Caño Cristales, the Colombian river. It pairs well with any makeup looks for dark skin!

786 Cosmetics Polish, shade "Meta", makeup looks for dark skin

786 Cosmetics also has an Amazon store- you can get some of your favorite shades on Amazon Prime with two-day shipping too, check them out here, and don't forget to leave a review to support your favorite halal nail polish brand. We hope you remember that no matter your skin tone, you are so beautiful and there are products out there for you with inclusion in mind. It's all about supporting the brands that carry the same message.

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