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What is Makeup Foundation?

What is Makeup Foundation?

Stop right there! Are you thinking of skipping this read because you know what makeup foundation is? Every woman knows what a foundation is, but do you really? 

Let me tell you what makeup foundation is and some other crazy things about it that you probably never knew of before, and trust me, this will help you a lot on your following makeup trip. Want to level up your makeup game? Then dig in! 

What is makeup foundation exactly? 

Makeup foundation is the core of makeup; you can't go without it, you can miss out on mascara, even on a bit of liner or blush, but the foundation is a must. 

Why do you use foundation? To cover your blemishes, make your skin tone even? Yep, this is all that a foundation does because it creates a blank canvas on your face for the rest of the makeup to set in. A foundation will:

  1. Cover any imperfections. 
  2. Take care of any discolorations. 
  3. Make your skin smooth and even

Now, there are different kinds of foundation that you might not know about, and yes, different skin types should use different kinds of makeup foundation. Maybe that's why your liquid-based foundation isn't working for you because you have oily skin. Let me tell you more. 

Types of Makeup Foundation

Before we get into anything else, let me introduce you to the different types of foundation available in the market. 

  1. A Powder Base

You can catch it by its name only; a powder-based foundation is in a loose powder form, it gives you the same even look, but it gives you very light coverage, which means if you have any darker spots on your skin, then this might not be an excellent fit for you. 

But a powder-based foundation is heaven for women with really oily skin. You see, a powder foundation will set in nice with your oil, giving you that matte look. Any other sort of base will most likely make you end up looking more oily than you would like.

  1. Water-Based Foundation

Most foundations are oil-based, but other options are available for people with acne, such as water-based foundations. 

These kinds of foundation have no oil in them, which means they won't get your skin irritated or further disturbed.

If you keep a keen eye on makeup products, you might find a water-based foundation with coverage that suits you. 

  1. A Serum-Like Base 

Now, I believe that this 'new' foundation trend was originated for the makeup enthusiast that was too cautious about their skin. 

A serum-like foundation is also a liquid foundation, but it's like a fresh hybrid between a skincare serum and a foundation. 

You drip it down like a serum or face oil and blend it in. Most of these serum bases are great for your skin as they are composed of components that keep a check and balance on our skin. 

4. Liquid Foundation

You might already have a dozen of them lying around in your purse, drawer, etc. This is the most common type of foundation. 

It's simple to understand that it's the same foundation formula, just in a liquid form. Now, there are many types in this liquid-like we discussed above, such as serum, etc. 

  1. Cream Base

If you have dehydrated skin, then liquid won't work for you, and powder is a big no-no as it will irritate your skin. 

What you need is a foundation that has a moisturizer consistency, like a cream foundation. It will settle in beautifully within your skin, keeping it moisturized and glowy. 

Are there more types? 

These types we discussed above are the only ones available. They might come in different forms, such as a stick, bottle, etc. 

But yes, when buying a foundation, the 'type' you should consider is what kind of coverage and finish it will give you. 

Different coverages work for different skin types, such as sheer or full coverage. The same works for finishes; some foundations give a matte finish while the others offer you a dewy one. 

I guess you know enough now; it's the right time to let you know how to pick your foundation. 

How to pick your foundation's shade and type?

"It's just foundation. I can use any, they're no different." How many times have you fooled yourself after thinking something like this? 

Well, you have fooled yourself enough. Let me give you a bitter truth; your makeup doesn't look as finished because you are using the wrong type and tone of foundation. But don't worry, I will guide you through it!

  1. Type

We discussed the types earlier. If you have oily skin, go for a powder base. Dry skin? Go for the cream base. If you have normal skin? Then the liquid will work just fine. 

  1. Tone / Color

Now comes the part where it's a do-or-die situation when it comes to makeup. I will guide you through some steps on how to determine your tone and choose a foundation accordingly. 

  1. First, determine your tone (your outer skin color) and your undertone (the suppressed under shade). There are various ways like the wrist or sun test. Check them out, and pick out your tone.
  2. Once you have found your tone and undertone, you will notice how the vast foundation shades available narrow down to your shade. Yep, not all shades will work for you. 
  3. Now the best way is not to pick the foundation from the shelf according to your tone. Grow some confidence and do those swatches on your face. 
  4. Pick out the best two to three, and then swatch them on your neck and near your jaw with some spacing. 
  5. Once you have dabbed the foundation correctly on your face, remove it with a makeup remover with a close look in the mirror. 
  6. The foundation that shows no difference in your skin tone after the removal is the best pick for you. 

Remember that the purpose of the makeup base is to set the 'foundation,' not to alter your skin color. You are beautiful, and you look perfect in your skin. 

Want something else to pair it up with? 

Now that you have your foundation chosen, I'm sure more makeup will be getting your attention, such as nail polish. But stop, don't go for the shelve ones because I might have something unique for you. 

When it comes to nail polish, 786 Cosmetics is doing a great job in manufacturing cruelty-free, breathable nail polishes. 

They have unique shades for every skin tone, such as their Granada, a beautiful lavender. 

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- Saba Khalil

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