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5 Nail Polish Colors for Work

5 Nail Polish Colors for Work

Going to work shouldn't mean that you have to give up your style. However, some people skip wearing nail polish altogether because they aren't sure what colors will send the right impression. The good news? We are here to help. There are a lot of colors you can wear to work without concern. Ready to find those colors now? Here are five nail polish colors for work.

Are there colors you can't wear at work?

Yes and no. What is appropriate depends on your workplace, line of work and the management. For example, metallic blues and fire engine red colors are not allowed in some workplaces at all. This article should simply serve as a guide for what colors will be accepted in most places, while also looking stylish and professional.


How can you go wrong with white nail polish? The answer, you can't. It gives you a clean, polished look that goes with any outfit. It's ideal for people who don't want to worry about clashing colors. This classic shade looks good on everyone and fits into the workplace easily.  

Muted purple

A muted purple color is great for showing a bit of personality in the workplace without going over the top. These colors often have some gray undertones and are light, almost a lilac shade. They are the perfect compliment to your look in spring or summer time.  


On the opposite side of the coin, this shade is great for cooler seasons like fall and winter. It's a bit darker without being a bit too bold. It's a neutral color and can be used to either go with or contrast your work attire. It really depends on your personal style. Whatever you decide, you'll always look put together with this color.  


These carers are the ultimate natural tones. They blend it, while still allowing you to avoid having totally plain nails. "tan" and "beige"  shades can have several variants, so it's important to pick one that compliments your skin tone the best. If you choose something too close to your own skin tone, it might end up looking like an exact match. That isn't the look you want. Instead, go a shade or two lighter or darker.  

Light Pink

Light pink is another beautiful shade with a bit more personality behind it. It's a soft shade that also compliments most skin tones. You have a bit more choice when it comes to light pinks, as they can feature a variety of undertones. This is also a great choice because while it is perfect for spring, it looks great and professional all year long.  

Wrapping up

Ready to get some new nail polish? We've got you covered on all the shades mentioned in this article! 786 Cosmetics offers a line of nail polish that is great quality and also good for you. You can shop our selection at 786 Cosmetics by clicking here.  Our products are also cruelty-free, vegan and don’t include harsh chemicals. Find your perfect shade now!
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