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5 Beauty Tips That are Easy to Follow

5 Beauty Tips That are Easy to Follow

It seems that the beginning of 2018 just happened, and suddenly it's gone! Many of us make New Year's resolutions hoping to improve or life or health and the time slips away before we get to it. Sound familiar? We've all been there. The good news is that you don't have to wait until next year to start on your beauty goals. In this article, we have 5 beauty tips that are easy to follow. If you've had trouble managing a new routine, these are the tips that you need. Keep reading to discover them.


Yes, you read that right. The first tip we have for you is to rest. The beginning of the year can be crazy. If you are not resting and taking time for yourself, the rest of your beauty routine will be less effective. Everything from dark circles to product not applying well can be a problem. So, the first tip we are giving you is to sleep more and remember to focus on yourself.

Take care of your skin

Taking care of your skin is critical. That doesn't just mean washing your makeup off at night. You need to pay attention to skin everywhere, including your face, hands, legs, and feet. Taking time to cleanse and moisturize your skin makes a big difference. You can add things to your beauty routine like exfoliating, using a moisturizing lotion and using masks. All of these things will make your skin glow and feel healthier.

Replace your beauty products as needed

If your beauty products are dried out, clumpy or don't apply the way that they used to, it's time to replace them. Over time, the formulas in cosmetics break down. When that happens, they don't look as good on and they are not good for you to use. They could even cause irritation and infection. So, be sure to replace your beauty products if you start to notice that something is off.

Skip harmful ingredients

There was a time where we didn't have much choice over what we put on our bodies. Most cosmetic companies used the same, harmful ingredients and some still do. Today, there is no need to continue to purchase those products. Companies like 786 Cosmetics use ingredients that are better for you while still providing the pay off you want.

Try new products

Since it is a new year, why not try some new products? You may find some brands or formulas that you'll be shocked you missed out on in the past. It's important to shake up your beauty routine every once in a while with something brand new.

Wrapping up

Ready to start following these easy beauty tips right now? 786 Cosmetics offers a line of nail polish that is great quality and also good for you. The start of 2018 might be over, but even if you missed your chance to follow a beauty resolution, it isn't too late. You can shop our selection at 786 Cosmetics by clicking here. Our products are cruelty-free, vegan and don't include harsh chemicals.
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