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How to Choose Healthy Beauty Products

How to Choose Healthy Beauty Products

Pretty can come with a price, both for your wallet and your body. Many beauty products are filled with chemicals and toxins that do more harm than you may think. So what can you do? There are brands out there that create safe products. However, it can be challenging to find the products that exclude these harmful ingredients. The good news is there's no need to stress. Keep reading to find out how to choose healthy beauty products.

Think about your body

The first thing that you should consider before purchasing any beauty product is your body. Everyone's body can have sensitivities that are unique to them. It is important that you think about how your skin has reacted to products in the past and what types of products have worked for you. Your skin absorbs up to sixty percent of what you put on it, so don't skip this step.

Skip bulk packaging

Products that come in big bottles or ones that you can buy in bulk tend to contain more harmful ingredients. There are preservatives that give these products a longer shelf life, but many of them are extremely toxic. It's wise to avoid these and to also replace your beauty products regularly. Using expired products can lead to even more irritation.

Dig deeper

Don't be fooled by the use of words like "natural" and "organic". There are not many regulations placed on the use of these words. That doesn't mean that natural and organic products don't exist, but the truth actually lies a bit deeper, in the ingredients list. Many brands have put these labels on their products despite the fact that their cosmetics still contained a number of toxins.

Check the list of ingredients

As mentioned above, one of the most critical things to do when looking for a healthy product is to look at the ingredients list. Skip known carcinogens and parabens. If you aren't sure about an ingredient, a quick Google search can help you find the answers that you need. There are a number of websites dedicated to detailing what impact each chemical can have.

Find trusted brands

Once you find the brands that carry healthy and safe products, stick with them. This is a lot easier than constantly scanning aisles or web pages to fill up your makeup bag. For example, all of 786 Cosmetics nail polishes are vegan, cruelty-free and wudu friendly. This means that you can put an end to the guessing game. Every day, there are more and more brands that are offering products that don't include these harmful chemicals. That said, it's worth re-purchasing from brands once you've found products you like.

Wrapping up

There is no need to compromise your health for beauty products. As awareness spreads about how these ingredients can damage your body, alternatives are being created. You can have a high-quality cosmetic product without putting yourself out risk. Interested in picking up nail polish that is healthy and safe? You can shop our selection at 786 Cosmetics by clicking here.
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