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5 Nail Hacks You Need to Know

5 Nail Hacks You Need to Know

Are you sick of spending tons of money on your manicure at the nail salon? It can add up, and the truth is you don't need to spend all that cash. When you know how to apply nail polish and fix mistakes the right way, you can do your nails at home! Struggling to figure out how to get flawless nails without the help of the salon? Keep reading to find five nail hacks you need to know before your next DIY manicure.

Avoid texture issues

If your nail polish is old or separating, you should ditch it. The consistency of the nail polish makes all the difference when you are trying to create a salon quality look. Make sure that your polish is in good shape. It shouldn't seem thin, dried out or have clumps in the formula. Additionally, don't shake the nail polish bottle. This creates are bubbles that will stick around and add an undesirable texture when painted on. Instead, roll the bottle between your hands if you want to make sure the formula is well combined.

Use multiple layers

Be careful not to put too much polish on in one coat. The better option is to paint your polish on in layers. Paint a thin layer, let dry and repeat one or two more times. This helps the polish last longer and allows you to skip the globby mess that comes with applying too much.

Clean up problems

Did you paint too far outside on the nail or add too much to one area? Use a small makeup brush to fish the problem. Dip the brush in nail polish remover and gently move the brush across any mistakes. You'll be able to get rid of them without taking off all of your polish!

Apply basecoat differently

To make your manicure last longer, apply two layers of base coat. First, one on the tip of the nail and then another coat on your entire nail. The tips of your nails are the areas that are most likely to chip from daily wear and tear. Applying your top coat this way will protect this area longer and make your polish last longer.

Dry nails fast

Need your nails to dry faster? You don't need a dryer or a lot of patience. Ice water can do the trick in just a few minutes. Once you are finished with your manicure, grab a bowl of ice water. Submerging your nails in the water will help the formula harden and dry more quickly. Say goodbye to sitting in front of the fan!

Wrapping up

Ready to put these hacks to good use and create the perfect manicure? Click here to shop with our line of high-quality polishes in a wide range of colors.  Our line is Halal, vegan and cruelty-free, so it is perfect for anyone who wants more out of their beauty products. We strive to create products that you can feel good about using while keeping your nails looking great.
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