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Secrets You Need to Know for Great Nails at Home

Secrets You Need to Know for Great Nails at Home

Are you feeling guilty about getting manicures at the salon? Whether you want to skip on the exposure to chemicals or just save money, there are many reasons to do your own nails. So, what is the secret to getting salon-perfect nails at home? Keep reading and we will share with you the secrets you need to know for great nails at home, and how to keep them that way.

Take care of your nails

Getting a great manicure at home starts with taking care of your nails. Make sure that you a motorizing your nails as necessary and pushing back your cuticles. Your nail polish will apply better and last longer when your nails are already in good shape. You should also make sure to clean, buff and file your nails right before you apply your nail polish.  

Get new nail polish

Nail polish, unfortunately, doesn't last forever. If you have a nail polish collection full of colors you've had for years, it's time for an update. If you have had your polishes for more than a year, check them out. If they've lost their smooth texture or are drying out, it's time to toss them. Don't worry, though. That means that you have an excuse to purchase and wear more colors!  

Use the right amount of product

Leaving too much polish on your brush can be a  chunky mess. On the flip side, using too little polish can leave your nails looking patchy or full of streaks. You can fix this by making sure you apply the correct amount of product. Start by getting a good amount of polish on your brush. Then you can smear the extra off on the inside of the bottle or tap the handle to remove excess product.  

Learn different techniques

No matter what you've heard, the truth is that everyone paints their nails differently. If one method doesn't work for you or is making your nails look less than perfect, try something else. What matters most is the end result. Don't worry about finding the one right way to paint your nails. You can use different strokes to find the one that works best for you.  


Getting the perfect manicure at home takes time and patience. If your nails don't look great on the first try, keep going. There's a reason why people who do nails for a living are good at it - it's their job. They paint nails every single day. So, don't be hard on yourself. Once you have some practice under your belt, you will be able to achieve a picture perfect manicure.  

Wrapping Up

Ready to start getting great manicures from home? You'll need some new nail polish to practice with! 786 Cosmetics can help. Click here to start shopping with our line of high-quality polishes in a wide range of colors.  Our line is Halal, vegan and cruelty-free, so it is perfect for anyone who wants more out of their beauty products without compromising their values or their health. Which color is your favorite?
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