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The Top Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2018

The Top Nail Polish Colors for Summer 2018

Summer is approaching, and it's time to cycle in nail polish colors for summer. Now is time to start wearing fun and fresh colors. These colors will match your excitement of going to the beach, hanging out by the pool, and all the other fun things that we do in the summer. Below you will find a variety of colors to match any personality. Ready for some ideas and inspiration?  Keep reading to find the top nail polish colors for summer 2018.

Are there colors you can’t wear in the summer?

Of course not, you can wear any color you would like at any time of the year. We want to bring attention to colors that fit the season. You can wear dark colors if you want. However, summer is bright and fun. So you might want colors that represent this theme.

Light greens

Light greens are perfect for summer they mimic vibrant light green leaves from trees, flowers, etc. It has a neutral tone to it but is still fun and playful enough for the summer months. This color is great for someone who wants to try a color that is still neutral but has some vibrancy to it.

Light greys

Light greys are good for summer because while the color is still slightly dark, it's still unique. It's darker toned but is still light enough to add some personality to your outfit. This color is great for people who prefer darker nail polish colors but want to branch out and try something new.

Light purples

Light purples like lavender, for example, are awesome for summer. The color is bright and enjoyable to look at. It's just plain pretty. The color can tie an outfit together if you're going to a party or hanging out at the beach. Really, this color is perfect for any occasion. It's a good choice if you need a color that can look great any time, including during a week-long getaway.


Pinks are great for this time of year. They are one of the most popular colors for the summer months because of the variety. You could do a baby pink, coral pink, or pale pink. The color is fun but simple. It's also a color you could dress up or down. You could pair it with some shorts and a shirt if you are going for a simple look and you can pair it with a dress for an evening out.

Wrapping up

That was the top nail polish colors for summer 2018. Are you ready to try the nail polish colors I mentioned this summer? Every single color I mentioned in this article you can get at the 786 Cosmetics store. So, you can find the color you like the best in a matter of seconds. Just click here to head on over and browse through the colors. Our products contain no harsh chemicals, are vegan, and cruelty-free. This makes them even better for summer when you're looking for ways to stay happy and healthy. So go and find your perfect summer shade!
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