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Shade of The Month: Dubrovnik 🏰🧡

Shade of The Month: Dubrovnik 🏰🧡

Nov 03, 2022 Simone Henry

Travel with our nail polish Shade of the month Dubrovnik creamy coral is inspired by the orange terracotta roofs found in the medieval town of Lucca in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

How Gel Nails Are Removed: An Expert’s Guide on Removing Gel Nails at Home Without Damaging Your Nails

How Gel Nails Are Removed: An Expert’s Guide on Removing Gel Nails at Home Without Damaging Your Nails

May 31, 2022 Nikita Barnes

Gel nails are the MVP of the nail world, but they can also be hard on your natural nails. As much as we love the glossy look, a study by the University of Miami School of Medicine found that gel manicures can weaken your nails.  So, how do you indulge in your manicures while keeping your natural nails healthy? Fortunately, there are ways to do that!  Leaving your gel nails on for too long can make your nails frail and damaged. And as most of the damage to your nails, like breaking, thinning, and peeling, results from the removal process, knowing how gel nails are removed can help mitigate the damage.  Let’s look at how to carefully remove gel nails at home while keeping your nails safe.

ideas for spring nails

12 Best Ideas for Spring Nails You Should Try

Apr 28, 2022 Nikita Barnes

Sun-kissed mornings, star-studded nights, flower-filled fields, buzzing bees, and April showers—it's time to bid goodbye to the winter blues and usher in the springtime breeze! If you're looking for ideas for spring nails to celebrate the new season, you're in the right place!  We've put together a list of vibrant and quirky nail art designs so you can carry small pockets of spring wherever you go. Funky florals, rainbows, soothing greens, punchy pastels—the wide variety of spring nails will excite you for sunny days and fresh blossoms.

Five Fall Makeup Looks to Recreate

Five Fall Makeup Looks to Recreate!

Dec 30, 2021 Nikita Barnes

With every new season, there is a chance to explore new styles and beauty looks. Whether you are influenced by the weather or are just itching for a change, autumn brings opportunities for experimentation. With that being said, there is plenty of new and exciting makeup looks to try out this fall. From bold red lips to classic brown hues, we have created a list of fall makeup looks to try out for yourself!

Makeup 90s

Makeup 90s Trends

Aug 10, 2021 Nikita Barnes