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How to Make a Nail Kit

You can buy nail kits in stores, but where is the fun in that? Store bought nail kits have the bare minimum of what you want or need in a kit. What about tools for nail art, accessories, nail polish, etc. Below you will find what to put into your nail kit, as well as how to create one. Keep reading below to find out how to make a nail kit.

Find Your Preferred Nail Kit Bag

A nail kit bag can be whatever you like. You can find a bag to use in almost any store. The bag can be plain or patterned, it can be hard or soft material, it can be travel sized or the size of a large purse. This part is completely customizable, you can create your bag to fit your needs. An example of a good, affordable nail kit container would be a tackle box. Tackle boxes are a great choice because they are made of hard plastic and are very sturdy, they will last for a long time. The great thing about tackle boxes is they come in all different sizes so you can choose a size that will work best for you. If you want your nail kit to hold a lot of items you should get a larger size if you want only the essentials you can get a smaller size.

Nail Polish

Of course one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of your nail kit is nail polish. How much nail polish you will be able to fit in your nail kit bag will depend on your choice of bag. If you are going to use a large tackle box you will probably be able to fit many colors, if you have a small tackle box or a travel size kit you will most likely only be able to fit your favorites. It is recommended to put your favorites and the current color you are wearing in your kit if you are traveling, that is because you can touch up your polish if need be as well as pick a new color from your favorites if you want to change your nail color.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is essential for a nail kit. You will need nail polish remover to remove your nail polish, but you can also apply some to a q-tip to remove any excess nail polish from around your nail. Any nail polish remover will do but it is recommended you get a smaller sized bottle so you don’t have a big bottle sliding around in your kit. If you are not comfortable with using nail polish remover you can put little containers of hairspray, toothpaste, or a mixture of lemon juice and vinegar in your kit as a healthy alternative to nail polish remover.

Nail Care Tools

Nail care tools are another essential thing to have in your nail kit. It's important you have nail files and nail buffers of different shapes, grits, and sizes. Nail clippers are important to not only trim your nails but also to trim any hangnails you may get. Cuticle clippers are needed so you can clean up any peeling skin around your nails. Cotton balls and q-tips are important to remove any nail polish. Base and top coat are important to prep and finish your nails. Lotion is also important to moisturize your hands and feet. Those are the most common nail tools, you can either add or take away from this list. The list is just a guide to help you start your kit.

Nail Art Tools

This is not necessary but if you are someone that enjoys nail art, here are some things you may want to include in your kit. You may want to include things like rhinestones for detailing, glitter for accents, brushes, other nail jewelry, nail stamps, etc. Those are very simple tools used in nail art, you can add whatever you like.


This is also not a necessity for your nail kit. These are just suggestions you can use if you want. You may want to use cuticle oil to apply to keep your nails healthy, nail strengthener to keep your nails strong, nail sticks to clean up any excess nail polish or use them to apply jewels and rhinestones to your nails, etc. You may want to use some of these or you may not.

Wrapping Up

There is How to Make a Nail Kit! Do you have a nail kit? Are you going to update your kit if you have one? Are you going to make one? If you need new nail polish head on over to the 786 cosmetics store! Our products are halal, vegan, and cruelty-free. Our products also contain less toxic ingredients, are healthier for you, and made with beauty lovers in mind. Just click here to head on over to our store!
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